The Concept

Sailing and Trekking Vacations in Greece

A choice of  sea and/or mountain vacations in Greece . Book the boat
and enjoy your holidays in the Greek islands for as long as you like .
Book the house and enjoy your trekking adventures on the Greek
mountains for as long as you like as well ! Should you wish to

combine both then the “ Sail&Trek Concept “ is on its way !

The concept behind "Sail&Trek" is the combination of mental relaxation and physical exercise during one week of sailing followed by one week of trekking. The level of activity may vary from mild to extreme, depending on your fitness level and what makes you happy.

From invigorating sea sports to visiting the sights on the Ionian Islands during the first week, from hiking along beautiful mountain paths to visiting places of great cultural interest during the second – the variety available will leave you with a sense of mental and physical fulfilment, and a feeling that your vacation lasted much longer than just two weeks! 


As its name suggests, Sail and Trek is primarily about sailing and trekking. However, there are numerous other physical activities to make your vacation even more enjoyable.
Sailing & Trekking
Sailing   Mountain bike
Kanoe   Rafting
Kite-surfing   Trekking
Windsurfing   Horse-riding
Scuba-diving   Canyoning